Thank you for your interest in working with me to save your memories! 

Please read through these most frequently asked questions on my process.

Pressed wildflowers

I’d love to preserve my wedding bouquet with you, how soon after an event do you need the flowers?

It is strongly advised to order your custom piece before your wedding so that I can add your preservation request to my schedule. I only take a limited number of bookings per month. The quicker your flowers come to me the better will be result, please not later than 4-5 days! 

The best way to ensure that your flowers are taken care of is to make plan for delivering them to me ahead of time.

If your wedding has recently taken place and your flowers are still in good condition, it is always worth emailing me to see if we can arrange a last minute order. But if you are reading this before your wedding, please order ASAP to secure your spot.
Also congratulations! :)

Why Eight Acorns?

Ordering from me means you're supporting a small business and an artist who is passionate about what she does and deeply cares about the quality and beauty of each produced piece. 
Each product I make (and there're a few!) is meticulously handcrafted using professional tools and skills earned from years of experience working with flowers. If you're looking to create a modern, minimalistic, unique piece of art work with flowers from one of life’s most meaningful days you're in the right place!
Plus I offer a free local bouquet pickup for Boston folks!

How long will my preserved bouquet last?

What's your technique?

I use classic pressing method to dehydrate and preserve your flowers. Once your bouquet arrives, I carefully disassemble it and put each flower and leaf between sheets of absorbent papers that will remove the moisture from them. This is a long process that can take up to a few months during which your bouquet will be carefully monitored and periodically rearranged. I then choose best looking pieces and artistically arrange them in the handmade frame. I created my thin minimalistic frames by soldering glass pieces together using stained glass technique.

As long as you treat the framed bouquet carefully, there should be no reason why it won't last a lifetime!

UV-filtering art glass in my frames protects your flowers from harsh light that usually causes fading. However, because I don't color treat flowers or add any chemicals to them it's possible that over the years, you may see some slight fading or color change. Flowers should remain intact. I recommend that you hang the frame out of the direct sunlight and avoid moisture.

What will the flowers look like after preservation?

In a few words flat, but just as beautiful :) The success of the preservation depends entirely on the quality, age and condition of the flowers when they reach me.
You may find that the petals take on a slight papery or matt appearance after preservation and the colors may intensify or change. White flowers almost always take on a creamy beige color, pink flowers may go magenta, red flowers turn a deep claret color.
Unfortunately, some flowers don't press well at all, and I won't be able to use extra heavy watery once like Calla lilies, Dahlias or Orchids. No succulents either!

Do you offer 3D preservation in resin?

Absolutely! I have many years of experience in resin casting and really love working on custom orders! You can refer to this listing for art décor pieces  - 

Custom Flower Preservation, Wedding Flower Art Decor resin pieces – Eight Acorns

3D preservation allows you to save the flowers in their natural shape and color, and also works for flowers that were already previously dried!

How long will my order take?

Not to compromise the quality of the finished product and to give flowers all the time they need to dry I ask for up to 3 months for larger framed bouquets. You will be contacted once the artwork is completed and ready to be shipped/picked up.

How can I ship the flowers to you? If I'm local to Boston, can I drop them off at your studio?

Yes! I accept orders from customers nationwide. Please send your flowers to me using Overnight Express shipping so I can receive them in good fresh condition.

Shipping instructions:

1. Find a box the right size to fit your bouquet.

2. Screw up newspaper pages and stuff them around the edges of the box to hold it securely in place. Do not use any bubble wrap or it might make your flowers sweat.

3. Trim stems at the bottom with sharp knife or scissors (about an inch) then wet some kitchen paper towels and fold them up around the BOTTOM of the stems.

4. Put a sandwich bag around the paper towel and the bottom of the stems. This will stop the water from leaking all over the rest of your box.
Use an elastic band to secure the plastic bag in place.

5. Put the bouquet carefully in the middle of the box. It should fit quite snugly and not move around too much. Put some more newspaper if your bouquet is too wobbly.

6. Pack some more newspaper very loosely around the sides and top of the bouquet.

7. Print out your email confirmation with the order number and include in the box.

8. Seal the box closed with tape and write "Fragile Fresh Flowers".

9. Take the flowers to the Post office and ship to me Priority or better, overnight express.
10. Shipping address will be provided via email.

Local pick up:

I'm able to pick up your bouquet within 20 miles of Greater Boston free of charge!

Unfortunately, I don't allow studio visits at this time.

How can I order this? 

Please inquire using the form below.
You're then required to purchase your chosen size frame in advance here  
This will put you on my schedule so I'm able to accept the received flowers.
PLEASE NOTE: These custom orders are non refundable and can't be canceled.