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Cinammon Fern sphere necklace

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$ 55.00

A tiny twig of cinnamon fern is embedded in the sphere pendant, showcasing its beauty from every side. Pressed and dried, this fern is forever preserved inside the clear jewelry grade resin.

The sphere measures about 1 inch in diameter, topped with a steel cap. Comes to wear on the 25 inch long stainless steel hypoallergenic chain, adorned with random gemstones. 

Please do not mistake spores on the leaflets for "browning". These are SPORES and this is what is so special about ferns and the way they reproduce. Many people specifically ask me to include them and I do, as this is fern's special biology. You might notice brown or light brown colored curves on the outer edges of the individual leaflets, which are the spores, not fern going bad!

Please read my policies before placing the order. 

Thank you for appreciating handmade!

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