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If you're currently waiting on your floral preservation order, please know we haven't forgotten about you! If you haven't heard from us, that means your order has not come up in our queue yet.

We are currently fulfilling AUGUST - SEPTEMBER orders of 2023.

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Welcome to your floral escape

Our brand was born out of the passion for botany, a lost art of herbarium and a wish to preserve homegrown flowers to prolong their brief beauty. We produce a unique jewelry line that features real flowers, as well as handmade stationary, wall art and floral decor.

Our specialty is modern wedding bouquet preservation, which features minimalistic approach and clean aesthetics.

We accept florals from all around the US and most importantly, we guarantee a stunning unique product that lasts a lifetime.

From the delicate rose grown by an avid gardener, to a spectacular wedding bouquet - let us turn your special occasion flowers into a memorable keepsake.


These necklaces are a gorgeous understatement. Simple, detailed, and beautiful. 

So enchanting, every season of the year, but surely will be saving me in the winter when I can carry the green with me wherever I go. 

You have to see these in person. WOW. I bought them for myself (I needed a treat) but I saw several other colors as well, and they would make beautiful gifts for bridesmaids, a graduation, or for a lovely birthday gift. Thank you to this shop!

This was a gift for my grandsons mom, who is an avid gardener! We all loved it! And we hope there are matching pieces for future gifts! Was well worth the little wait to get handmade gift!! Beautiful!


It will be a very special gift for my granddaughter. I love the craftsmanship and creativity.


Beautiful, high-quality necklace! It’s like riding a unicorn naked and bareback over a rainbow!

Just perfect for many occasions, the dandelion has such symbolism, especially when its seeds are being blown in the wind. The artist captured this moment beautifully.

Absolutely gorgeous! I have been wanting this one and finally bought it for myself. I've been wearing it nonstop! The hydrangea skeleton is really something else.

My bouquet arrived earlier today - and I just have to say it is BEAUTIFUL and absolutely perfect!!! I love it so much, thank you so so much for beautifully preserving something so special to me! 💕💕 it’s truly a work of art you did such a great job


Bridal/anniversary/funeral/any special occasion bouquet preservation

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