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About artist

Hello, my name is Anastasia and I'm a designer and founder of Eight Acorns Floral Preservation Company.

I started creating floral jewelry to preserve my constantly growing collection of botanical finds. Just like so many artists and designers derive their inspiration from nature, I became inspired by the beauty of the plants I was gathering, most of which for me is their color, shapes, and combination. The only downside was that they didn’t last long. Flower preservation by itself is an ancient art, that probably started with occasional insects and plant falling into the natural tree amber and becoming fossilized. I’m merely continuing this inherited technique, but with more purposeful human touch.


During cold and dreary East Coast winters, this is my dreamy floral escape somewhere beautiful and peaceful. In the Spring/Summer, I’m outside gathering new collections. I try to bottle up the filing of that long-awaited Spring and beauty of a blooming meadow. I want to recreate a walk in the woods or beach, a trip to the garden or your favorite nature spot. Mother nature heals and makes everything feel like it’s going to be alright.

I create jewelry and home decor items featuring real natural objects preserved in a synthetic resin. It’s quite difficult viscous material that I started working with back in 2010 and absolutely fell in love with. My pieces looked like frozen in time little terrariums. With time I self-taught and perfected my casting technique, developing a style and aesthetics I have today. I’m proud to be one of the first artists that have created the "flowers in resin" trend. I’m obsessed with the quality of my products and meticulously still make every piece by hand. It’s important for me to produce good long-lasting quality pieces that can be enjoyed for years of wearing without losing its original beauty. 

All my pieces are currently being produced in home studio, based in Sharon, MA. During Summers, you can find me at many New England Art Festivals.


In 2020 I expanded my line of products and started offering unique wall art created out of home-grown flowers preserved in glass. Gardening offered much needed social distant escape from the pandemic and has provided almost unlimited supplies of plants and flowers to work with. Oh, the possibilities! I also branched out into custom preservation, after receiving many inquiries from brides on how to preserve their own bouquets. 

Eight Acorns is truly my passion and soul satisfying job. I feel very fortunate to share it with people all around the world!