About artist

I got obsessed with resin back in 2008 when I introduced myself to a jewelry making through the internet community. I worked mainly with polymer clay, plastics, beads, felt and wires, but my absolutely favorite  material was this sticky messy resin, that made my pieces look like clear shiny glass, once dried. I loved it so much, that my focus shifted mainly to this medium and I wanted to learn as much as I could about it. After opening my online store this also became a part-time occupation that allowed me to support the hobby and master new skills. I tried casting different things into the resin and once I tried to preserve dried leaves this way. Botanical pressing was something I did for fun and pleasure. I liked sandwiching flowers and leaves into the heavy books and in the couple of years I had quite a collection. They all ended up in keepsake albums, framed on the walls and all over the house. This time I also started wearing them as necklaces and this is how my botanical resin jewelry begun. Next summer I experimented with flowers, dandelions, moss and lichens. My work became all about the art of nature, or rather art of preserving it.

I try to diversify my collection adding new seasonal specimens each year. In fact, every time I'm going for a nature walk or ride the bike, my eyes excitingly scan around for the little treasures. I especially love doing it in the Fall, when there are acorns, pine cones, tree bark and rustling leaves beneath the feet. I named my store Eight Acorns after my most popular little amber acorn necklace.

I absolutely love retaining the fragile natural art, just like Mother nature creates her amber with trapped ants inside. Nothing is eternal, but this is a way to prolong brief natural beauty. 

All jewelry in this store is created solely by me from my home studio, based in Boston, MA. This is a soul satisfying work for me and I feel very fortunate to share it with people all around the world.