Dear customers, 

If you're currently waiting on your floral preservation order, please know we haven't forgotten about you! If you haven't heard from us, that means your order has not come up in our queue yet.

We are currently fulfilling AUGUST - SEPTEMBER orders of 2023.

Bookings for 2024 are now open!

Care tips

  •     Minimal care is needed for the jewelry pieces except for occasional cleaning. If required use mild soap and water, and gently buff with a soft cloth. It's best not to use alcohol-based products such as perfumes, glass cleaners, abrasive household cleaners or nail polish remover.


  • All my solid brass pieces will develop natural patina when exposed to the air. It could be gently buffed with a steel wool or special jewelry cleaning compounds that will bring it back to the original shine.


  • Try to store your jewelry in the original packaging to avoid tarnishing and scrapes.


  • I do not recommend showering/swimming with this jewelry. Glass pieces are not waterproofed and should be kept away from moisture.