Dear customers, 

If you're currently waiting on your floral preservation order, please know we haven't forgotten about you! If you haven't heard from us, that means your order has not come up in our queue yet.

We are currently fulfilling JULY- AUGUST orders of 2023.

Bookings for 2024 are now open!


Thank you for your interest in working with Eight Acorns floral preservation to save your memories! 

Please read through these most frequently asked questions on our process.

Pressed wildflowers

I’d love to preserve my wedding bouquet with you, how soon after an event do you need the flowers?

    It is strongly advised to order your custom piece before your wedding so that we can add your preservation request to our schedule. During the busy wedding season, we only take a limited number of bookings per month. The quicker your flowers come to us the better will be result, please not later than 2-3 days after the event! 

    The best way to ensure that your flowers are taken care of is to make plan for delivering them ahead of time.

    If your wedding has recently taken place and your flowers are still in good condition, it is always worth emailing us to see if we can arrange a last-minute order. But if you are reading this before your wedding, please order ASAP to secure your spot.

    Why Eight Acorns Floral Preservation?

      Ordering from us means you're supporting a small business and an artist who is passionate about what she does and deeply cares about the quality and beauty of each produced piece.

      Each product we make (and there're a few!) is meticulously handcrafted using professional tools and skills earned from years of experience working with flowers.
      If you're looking to create a modern, minimalistic, unique piece of artwork with flowers from one of life’s most meaningful days you're in the right place! We strive to offer a big variety of products to satisfy your taste.       
      As a bonus, for Boston area customers we offer a free local bouquet pickup!                                                                                                        

      What preservation technique do you use, and which one do you recommend?

      We offer a classic pressing method as well as modern 3D air dried technique.                                                                                         
      Once your bouquet arrives, we carefully disassemble it and process it according to your desired method. This will result in two different types of products: either pressed flower frames or resin slabs.  Most customers order a combination of both products.       

      Example of the 3D (air dried) bouquet cast in resin
      wedding bouquet preservation in resin

      Example of the pressed flowers framed in glass

      Pressed flower frames are our very popular traditional classic product that will display your flowers in a flattened state on a wall or an open shelf. Bouquets preserved using this method last a long time provided they're not displayed on a very sunny wall. It's especially great choice for bouquets with a lot of colors and variety. We offer many frame sizes and styles, as well as full customization options if you don't see the style that fits your home décor.                                                                                                                     
      Air dried method is by far the best quality preservation that truly lasts a lifetime and allows you to save the flowers in their natural shape and color. We recommend it for all-white or very pale colored bouquets.            
      3D preservation is the only method that works for flowers that were already previously dried!

      We offer resin slabs in various sizes as well as many smaller add-on decor pieces. 

      Both methods require a lot of time and can take up to a few months during which your bouquet will be carefully monitored and periodically rearranged.               
      We then choose best looking blooms as well as greenery to go into your final product.                                                                                                                    
      Your preservation will include artistic arrangement of the flowers that will closely resemble the original fresh bouquet.

      How long will my order take?

      Not to compromise the quality of the finished product and to give flowers all the time they need to dry our usual timeframe for these projects is up to 6 months. Summer orders get finished aproximetly by Christmas, Spring orders - by the end of September and so on. 

      You will be contacted when your flowers come up in our queue ready to be turned into the artwork. We always double check the shipping address and all order details prior to final casting or framing.

      How long will my preserved bouquet last?

      As long as you treat the frames carefully, it should last for a very long time, however natural fading will eventually occur over time and is considered normal.                    

      We color-treat very light, all-white or pale-colored flowers in our pressed flower frames to help them keep their pigment longer, however it's essential to display your framed flowers out of the direct sunlight and to avoid moisture as much as possible. 

      Before and after preservationbefore and after wedding flowers preservation

      3D dried flowers cast in resin last a lifetime without a change to their color/form. Slight yellowing of the resin may accur over time if your product is displayed on the spot that gets daily bright sunlight.         


        What will the flowers look like after preservation?

          The success of the preservation depends entirely on the quality, age and condition of the flowers when they reach me. 

          It is not a realistic expectation to think that after drying your flowers will look exactly like when they were fresh. You may find that the petals take on a slight papery or matt appearance after the pressing and the colors may intensify or change. 

          White flowers always take on a creamy beige/ivory color, pink flowers may go very pale or more peachy, red flowers turn a deep claret color. Our goal is to recreate the color pallet of your original bouquet, so we will try to color-correct flowers that lost some of their pigment during the pressing method. We don't color correct air dried flowers though.                          
          Examples of our pressed flowers

          Examples of our 3D dried flowers

          How can I ship the flowers to you? If I'm local to Boston, can I drop them off at your studio?

            We accept orders from customers nationwide! Please send your flowers to us using Priority or Overnight Express shipping so we can get them in good fresh condition.

            Shipping instructions:

             Our Shipping Address:
            Eight Acorns Floral Preservation
            15 South Main Street # 74
            Sharon, MA

            Local pick up:

            For customers ordering slabs or pressed flower frames - I'm able to pick up your bouquet within 20 miles of Greater Boston free of charge. Please schedule your appointments ahead of time to reserve your date/time. We will contact you to confirm availability and agree on the meeting location. 
            In person pick ups are offered only for wedding/funeral/any special occasion flowers, for customers ordering full bouquet preservation.

            Please note, a minimum advance reservation time is 24 hours.

            No show customers will not be refunded their deposits. 

            I strongly encourage to book your pick-up appointments in advance as last minute availably is not guaranteed. 
            Please book following Monday if your wedding/event was over the weekend.
            How can I order this? 

              You can purchase different custom products from my shop HERE
              This will put you on my schedule so I'm able to accept the received flowers.
              PLEASE NOTE: These custom orders are non-refundable and can't be canceled.

              Unfortunately, we don't allow studio visits at this time.

              Can I order a bouquet pick-up now and then decide what product to order later?

                Absolutely! Contact us directly or inquire using this form -  Preservation Inquiry. 
                PLEASE NOTE: This type of order requires non-refundable $150 deposit to book your spot.

                How and when do I pay for my order?

                We offer two options:
                1. You can pre-pay in full by choosing example products from my store. Please make sure to enter your correct shipping address in this case.
                2. You can put down a deposit and pay the rest after your flowers have been dried. All customers get contacted with the final invoice prior to framing or casting, that will include your original deposit, sales tax, shipping fee and all/if any additional items you chose to order. Prompt payment means we can move on with the order right away. If we have to chase customers for payment, we have to delay the completion of the order. All final invoices are set up to be ACH bank transfers only.

                Can I include my wedding invitation/charms/engraving?

                Yes, wedding invitation can be included in a pressed flower frame. Please bring it with you to the bouquet drop off meeting or send it along with the rest of the flowers.                                                                                                                         

                We can encapsulate small charms only in resin blocks. 

                Yes, we offer engraving!

                wedding bouquet preservation

                Do you have an option for different style frames?

                Yes, if you'd like a specific style frame it can be custom ordered for your bouquet. Reach out to discuss your preferred the size/ material, color and I'll do my best to accommodate your wish. 

                Do you have order minimums?

                No, we do not require you to have an order minimum. There's a $150 deposit fee that goes towards the order total. If your custom commission is less than that, your deposit will be partially reimbursed. 

                Do you return the leftover flowers back to me?

                We don't typically send back unused flowers, but it could be done upon request.

                Please only provide the flowers you want us to preserve, as we toss away or compost the rest. If you have shipped your entire bouquet and only want to order small necklace it is an unrealistic expectation to think that we will process your entire bouquet and send it back.

                Most of the flowers dry in the deconstructed way and we will assemble only what's required for your frame or slab. 

                Do you provide photo mock-ups of the dried flower placement for our approval?

                We do not provide mock-ups and reserve the right to create your floral arrangement with full artistic liberties. You can be sure your flowers are in the good hands! 

                There are a lot of factors that go into why flowers are placed where they are in the composition including the size, color, shape, height, imperfections etc. We appreciate your trust in our esthetics and experience to design a beautiful dried flower arrangement for you. 

                You have a chance to describe your desired layout and all details during the booking process on the intake form. Please be as specific as possible, we read and take all notes into account when designing each custom piece.                               

                I want to order this service for a friend/family member.

                You absolutely can! 

                • A pre-paid gift card
                • Fill out the booking form on their behalf and leave your contact information as a person responsible for billing. We'll reach out to both parties. 
                • Pre-order a pressed flower frame or a slab from our store.

                Do you offer payment instalments? 

                Currently we do not offer payment instalments. The full payment is due before your framing/casting and is non-refundable.

                Not all of my flowers ended up in the slab/pressed frame, where's the rest?

                The size of the frame or a slab you order will determine how much flowers from your bouquet we can use.

                Typically, we preserve about 90% of the bouquet, however if customer ordered our smaller frames or slab, we would only use the best-looking flowers that will fit. We do not store the rest.                                                                                               
                Please reach out to us for a free brief consultation, if you're not sure what is the best option for your particular bouquet. We often advise on the correct size frame or slab according to the number of flowers we have, however because of the price difference, we also respect each customer's budget.                   

                Please note, we cannot include certain elements of your bouquet into the pressed flower frames:

                • Yellow Billy Buttons
                • Globe thistle
                • King proteas
                • Big tropical flowers/leaves
                • Artificial, silk or wooden flowers
                • Pinecones/ acorns
                • Succulents/ cactus 
                • Fruits or vegetables 
                • Cotton twigs, branches
                • Seed pods
                • Berries
                • Ribbons 

                We always advise on the 3D preservation option for these types of bouquets.

                Can I preserve my all-white bouquet?

                Short answer is yes, but white flowers are tricky to work with! Keep in mind that white flowers don't stay white after preservation. They typically go beiger/ivory or yellow depending on the flowers and the preservation method. That is due to the absence of a pigment in the plant and is to be expected.
                We sometimes color correct white flowers that have been pressed to help them stay white over time. 

                Please also consider adding at least a bit of color to your overall arrangement to help white flowers contrast and standout in the end product.                                                 
                Here're a few examples of the white roses, peonies and lisianthus that we often work with (pressing method of preservation).

                Have a question not answered here? Don't hesitate to reach out!